May 2015:
About the meaning, purpose and value we place on LISTENING as contained in our by-line LISTENING SERVICING DELIVERING


Feb 2015:
'Make today ridiculously amazing'
...our wish for you is that 2015 is filled with many such days.


Nov 2014:
One of the most fascinating aspects of occupational disability assessments is the discovery of how unique so many occupations really are


Sept 2014:
The words of John C. Maxwell, that describes the preparation for meetings, echoes our approach


May 2014:
With Autumn upon us, the time has come to 'sit and watch the leaves turn'.


January 2014:
During this, our 10th year of operation, we look forward to expanding our limits even further...


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Quote of the Month:

"The more you go to your limits, the more your limits will expand"

- Robin Sharma

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- AR Training Group
- Learning to Lead
- Long-Term Insurance Ombudsman
- Connemara (Business coaching specialists)
- Northstar

- Stenny Africa
- The Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa


We provide a unique consulting service to Life Insurers and Reinsurers; Legal Firms; Employer Groups and Pension Funds throughout South Africa.

Our business has offices based in Cape Town and Johannesburg and an Associate office in Durban and Port Elizabeth.

Burns-Hoffman and Associates offers services and skills to its clients developed over the past 20+ years of the team having worked in the professional field of Occupational Therapy; across a wide spectrum of Life Insurance and Reinsurance risk management; specialised training and MVA / medical negligence and other litigation matters, including those arising from incapacity issues as set out under Labour Law.

The combination of skills and experience inherent in the BH&A team is further enhanced by its association with selected professional Associates in the medical, legal, actuarial and relevant risk (and other) training fields.

BH&A has developed a reputation for being competitively priced, as well as for providing one of the fastest turn around times in the South Africa Life Industry in respect of independent claims consulting, as well as on functional capacity evaluations.

There is no incapacity and/or claims related matter that is too small or too large for the BH&A team, nor is the list of services finite. Clients often call for an individually tailored service, which is then developed and provided especially for their particular needs.

Our association with AR Training Group (a black-empowered SME Group), provides BH&A with constant exposure to market training and qualification standards, including current assessment criteria and INSETA requirements. Regular contact and correspondence with local and overseas markets; frequent project work with and alongside Tontine Advisory (Legal Associates); a keen interest in the Constitution and Human Rights issues The Institute for Accountability in Southern Africa and keeping up with relevant Case Law; the accreditation held with Learning to Lead and Connemara (Business coaching specialists) along with media exposure of BH&A via seminar work/publication of articles - all contribute to the fact that there is no consulting firm able to offer the same expertise and/or spectrum of professional services as offered by Burns-Hoffman and Associates.

As a result of the case management role Elise Burns-Hoffman plays for a large international clothing manufacturer in South Africa, BH&A has linked up with Northstar Solutions in rolling out a Financial Literacy Program to all levels of employees in different work environments. Case management in this context is not limited to incapacity matters only, but rather stretches across a wide spectrum of issues faced by employees in the personal and working lives.

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